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GYR was invited to a 4S shop for meechai

In 2015, research by the customer introduced invited for a luxury car 4S shop for meechai。 Consider meechai object for high-end cars, in dense mining personnel settings, extensive research, take over the age of 30, business attire or relative wear high-end customers of dense mining, interspersed with take the drive to the store in the form of, driving vehicles must be more than 20W。 Specific indicators from the telephone appointment, to shop, reception, reception, drive, and bargaining process evaluation, to keep the whole recording state, in order to follow the evidence and related analysis。 Password recovery after the end, extensive research material Bofeng for dense mining data, video and other relevant data discs submitted by Party A and within the stipulated time, submit the form data entry, improving the analysis report。

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