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Our view

Marketing consulting is the World Wide and endless development .In the marketing tide which need progress all the time ,GYR is maintaining the status quo, changing the status quo into unchanged for the greatest market share.

Research ideas

Marketing research’s focus is to help companies build competitive mode based on strategies to achieve。 Marketing Research has always been based on enterprise competitive landscape and to help customers enhance the industry position and market share, improve the profit level for the purpose, including marketing system, price policy, marketing plan, sales promotion and so on。

Marketing System

GYR learn to build a rival marketing system of customer-centric and carrys out for the starting point of market segmentation, locking and positioning in market research, in order to break through product, price, place, promotion and build a product marketing system.

Price Strategy

Price is one of the most important attributes of the product. Product price positioning is correct or not directly relates to the products in the market's performance. The price is the most sensitive factor of consumer buying behavior. GYR formulates a reasonable price policy by comprehensive analysis of customer feedback method and price sensitivity test. Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

In the face of market changes, rivals hit and other factors, GYR research and analysis by the market keen insight and competitor and develop customized marketing programs in line with the product itself to achieve a multiplier effect

Sales promotion

Promotion is an effective means to stimulate sales force promotion .Sales promotions can help enterprises to improve or maintain their sales volume or market share in the short term .But promotions need a lot of funding to support .This is why the effect of sales promotion requires quantitative assessment and develop the next step of marketing strategies.

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