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Our view

The development and investment of new product needs make attention to market demand and consumer acceptance。 GYR admits consumers to evaluate products and makes comprehensive evaluation of product advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through effective market research plan。 Then GYR find good starting point to the product enter successfully and reduce marketing risk。

Research ideas

GYR carries out research work from product concept stage, the testing phase, product sales tracking. It conducives to a phased product direction of the control and quality control,but also to avoid risks, reduce invalid input.

Concept Test

Use the panel discussion, fixed-point investigation research method, comprehensives user's understanding of the concepts and attitudes, forecast to buy intention, assess the sales ability, then choose products with market potential according to the clustering technique of user groups。

Product Test

We can help enterprises to adjust the product to the primary and secondary property by conducting research and analysis through data collected on product testing, it made to ensure that products are more likely to be accepted by consumers。 By testing the product attributes, evaluating strengths and weaknesses between competing products and thereby develop responses。

Market Tracking

After the products listed, GYR helps enterprise understand consumer preferences, optimizate of existing properties by user survey method . Then we will lock products target consumer groups and developed to meet the needs of individual users attribute part to capture a larger market share

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