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Our view

Business is war,modern enterprises need to have depth understanding of commercial battlefield situation and operational environment. Then the enterprises can stand on the business field. Whether it is business innovation or management decisions,effective information support is the root of runoff.

Research ideas

Market research , which is a separate branch of a major field of study, is in order to help enterprises understand the market information 。Through the industry research ,market segmentation, market entry,Trade Area Study ,competitive intelligence, brand positioning, IPO advisory, GYR will collect systematically and analyze synthetically, in order to help enterprises understanding the market information and exploringthe developmentprospects of brands。 Then it will help enterprises to make scientific business decisions。

Industry Research

The core of industry research is using scientific calculation method and evaluation index system of a certain industry field for a long time and using a large number of industry data for quantitative and qualitative analysis, to refine industries competition strategy and the market behavior patterns under different conditions and growth stage and provide some operational suggestions to the enterprises。

Market Segmentation

Market SegmentationGYR will collect regularly and analyze the information of relevant industry, helping enterprises to analyze market potential and market positioning, then develop precise marketing strategy and marketing programs。

Market Entry

GYR will collect the information of market entry decision, study market structure from current and approaching factors of market development , in order to study market entry model .Through market entry research and consulting ,GYR will help customers tap the business opportunities and provide reliable strategy advice for enterprise investment behavior.

Study Circle

On the one hand ,through researching on surrounding environment of business circle and understanding the consumer ability and development potential ,GYR will help enterprises select site .On the other hand, GYR will provide data support of corporate strategic planning, brand positioning and price policy by analyzing consumer characteristics of consumer preferences, concerns factor, price acceptance.

Competitive Intelligence

GYR researchs enterprises’own situation , competitor situation and overall competition situation by qualitative and quantitative analysis method. It provides accurate and competitive intelligence data, at the same time, formulate competitive strategy according to the analysis of research result.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning feels the pulse of the brand ,helps customers understand their brand image,learns rival brand positioning and point of brand interest by consumers and corporate users. It would determine or redefine the brand image and value and provide sustainable development momentum for the product or service.

IPO Advisory

IPO consulting service provides the enterprise with professional, detailed and reliable as well as accurate industry research support for the business and technology section/industry overviews in the prospectus, and help companies to achieve compliance with the listing requirements by projecting professional consulting advice.

Our advantages

Since out inception,GYR brings together industry professionals。It includes not only the first generation of Chinese market research practitioners,but also has many of the world's top market research firm experienced practitioners talent。GYR efforts to build a senior management team to become a customer think tank,and research and analysis for providing professional market。

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