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Industry Background

In an increasingly complex media forms,traditional media is facing resource integration and transition.At the same timethe appearance of we media, social media and other new mediahave a dramatic impact on the spread of market .Therefore, GYR will delve into the development of media in each period. For the introduction , growth, maturity and decline of the products ,GYR provides customers with high-quality, authoritative guide suggestions and comments. At the same time ,acting in an impartial and objective professional attitude , rigorous investigation and the spirit of forward-looking research and analysis,GYR provides customers with Integrated data and consulting solutions including analysis of media audiences, media habits, value of media advertising ,media content analysis.

Media Industry Research

  • Market Research

    Industry analysis
    Market environment research
    Competitive advantage
    Study of market segmentation

  • User Research

    Audience attitude of needs study
    Media habits study
    User experience research

  • Product Research

    New media positioning analysis
    Contents of forum
    Product awareness and consumer satisfaction survey
    Brand research

  • Channel Research

    Channel flow monitoring
    Advertising monitoring
    The new media monitoring all information
    Public opinion monitoring

  • Communication Research

    Advertising sales strategy
    Ad performance assessment
    Advertising AD value

  • Satisfaction / Loyalty

    Product satisfaction survey
    Service satisfaction survey

Industry Models

Advertising Testing And Impact Assessment

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