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Industry Background

GYR has accumulated a wealth of industry experience in the tobacco industry.We developed a series of tobacco industry research system and professional model. It provides comprehensive, professional, the most valuable research and consulting services for the tobacco industry based on research database. At the same time we have a surveillance system covering the township,which fully reflect in the cigarette sales channels of dynamic change, price volatility, social inventory, as well as focus on the brand and the corresponding specifications of the dynamic changes in the situation.

Tobacco Industry Research

  • Market Research

    Cigarette market research
    Market capacity measure and launch plans research
    Market competition research
    Location of the retail outlets

  • Product Research

    Cigarette taste and sensory research
    Cigarette new products list research
    Cigarette brand research
    Cigarette pricing strategy

  • Consumer Research

    Smokers consumption habits and attitudes
    Smokers brand preference study

  • Channel Research

    Channel management
    Monitoring of cigarette channels
    Audit cigarette retail market research

  • Marketing Research

    Cigarette promotions way research

  • Satisfaction / Loyalty

    Cigarette retail customer satisfaction study
    Satisfaction of cigarette consumption

Industry Models

Tobacco Market Porter's Five Forces Model

China is now the world's largest tobacco producer and consumer countries . The tobacco industry occupies an important position in the national economy . According to Porter's Five Forces Model,GYR developed the tobacco industry's five forces model applicable,and analyse the tobacco industry market environment from five dimensions round.

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