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Industry Background

In recent years, more and more local governments introduce public comment as the government's public service quality evaluation criteria 。But in an increasingly complex network coverage ,public opinion is becoming more diverse 。How to accurately collection and analysis of public opinion in the political, economic, social life as data support for policy-making and how to understand what the people think then guide public opinion, quickly successfully handle all types of emergencies are the top priority of government work。 Similarly, education is the first use of household savings especially in the highly competitive contemporary 。Unbalanced educational resources makes the education industry a huge market。 GYR strives to cover the whole field of market research services and provides accurate professional findings 。

Education Industry Research

  • Market Research

    Market research analysis and positioning
    Competitor research
    International education market research

  • Product Research

    Items courses / concept
    Price testing products / curriculum efficacy testing

  • Consumer Research

    Investigation and analysis of consumer demand
    Consumer behavior and attitudes

  • Consumer Research

    Government morals evaluation
    Channel public opinion
    Product channel flow monitoring

  • Communication Research

    Media and advertising
    Advertising effectiveness study
    Government monitoring public opinion

  • Satisfaction Research

    Products / course satisfaction
    Government services satisfaction
    Satisfaction upgrade
    Channel satisfaction survey

Industry Models

Consumer Demand For Education

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