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Industry Background

As technology advances,new technologies such as the somatosensory technology and smart watch sparks industry market, refresh the attention of consumers and urge the nature of change in the business market structure。Traditional industry model no longer met consumer’s demand。 In this new market environment, how to develop sound strategic planning and marketing focus is not only the last straw for technology transformation of traditional industries, but also the emerging technology industry's urgent needs to be addressed。GYR provides the most professional research and consulting services to grab the most accurate market opportunities in the fierce competition in the market。Then We get win with enterprise。

IT Industry Research

  • Market Research

    Science and technology policy and macro environment
    Market information monitoring and analysis
    Market entry
    Competitive intelligence

  • Product Research

    Concept testing research
    Pricing research
    Product interface optimization
    Product life cycle
    After-market reputation

  • User Management

    User demand study
    User preference
    User expectations management

  • Communication Research

    Consumer media research
    Advertising research
    Ad performance monitoring

  • Marketing Planning

    Study of the amount of marketing channels
    Feasibility of marketing model
    Marketing program development

  • Satisfaction / Loyalty

    Customer satisfaction / Loyalty research
    Channel satisfaction survey
    After-market products satisfaction survey

Industry Models

Product Testing Research

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