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Industry Background

In the full-service operation era,technological advances have led to dramatic changes in the industry.
Thoroughly insight into the industry market structure, systematically grasp the industry evolution track,
Thoroughly tap the demand of consunmers are the most important prerequisite of operators for effective policy adjustments and marketing Services.

GYR provides professional research services to communications carriers for a long time.Through market research, consulting services and
training,we provide a valuable research and analysis report and operation plan .With
unremitting efforts and professional and responsible attitude,GYR get unanimous recognition
outside the industry,and has been to provide professional research services to more than 20
provincial operators up to now.

Telecom Industry Research

  • Telecom Market

    Industry situation and trend analysis
    agents access
    Competitor situation

  • Product Research

    Product price policy
    Product positioning and brand research
    Product feasibility study
    Product listing effect assessment

  • Customer management

    Research of customer contribution
    Analysis of Maintain inventory management
    Management and control of customer complaints
    Evaluation of customer credit rating

  • Channel Research

    The operating room and social channels
    Physical channel service marketing process
    E-channel service marketing processes
    Competitiveness channels
    Mystery shopper unannounced visits

  • Marketing Planning

    Promotion scheme
    Growing coach training
    Enhance sales skills

  • Satisfaction / Loyalty

    Customer satisfaction / loyalty
    Enterprise customer satisfaction
    Employee satisfaction
    Channel satisfaction survey

Industry Models

Process Of Mystery Customer

Customer Portrait Model

Advantage over other models (CART、QUESTD)

Produce multi-branched tree
Flexible input variables (Fixed pitch, a given class)
The standard for grouping is statistical significance
There is a strong causal relationship between the case of inputing variable
and clustering results

The Three-dimensional Model

From the level of customer perception ,mine background support and operational management issues to seize the key points of customer perception, weak point of work services, the department process connection point

Key point of customer perception:Around the whole process of consumer spending,
have an insight into customers’real expectations for service
Weak point of work service: Classify customer demand to look for differences between
operation management and customers’ expectations for service
service The department process connection point
find background support and difference between operation management and customer expectations ,
integrate service and business management and output system and to improve customer satisfaction

Efficacy Improvement Model

Efficacy theory model consists of“management ability, experience ability, marketing ability, propaganda capacity, service capacity”. They interact with each other, support each other. At the same time, model opens the front end of sales to the rear end of all channels, to enhance sales effectiveness.

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